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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #11 - The Witching Hour

Spider-Man meets The Green Goblin, a villain who uses magic spells as a means of evil!


Spider-Man’s arch nemesis The Green Goblin is introduced here and unfortunately for fans of the earlier Green Goblin stories, he’s a completely separate character from the comic books. I wasn’t expecting much, as none of the villains even have secret identities in this show, but a little more effort for this villain would’ve been greatly appreciated.

I loved The Green Goblin stories from the 60’s. Before he was foolishly resurrected, The Green Goblin was an outstanding villain, if only because he was part of Peter’s everyday life as Norman Osborn. I would’ve loved to see Osborn here and have Spider-Man fight one of his friends Dad’s but alas, we get a traditional Goblin, y’know, the one that hangs with ghosts and ghouls.

In all fairness, he’s not too bad a villain. His design was one of the show’s better efforts (except the ill-matching boots. They got it right in one shot [see screenshot #4] but the rest had him wearing dark purple boots) and his voice was a perfect fit for this version of the character. Whilst his voice actor was great here, we got a much better performance from him in “To Catch A Spider”.

Not a brilliant episode, but certainly worth 10 minutes of your time.