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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #3 - Where Crawls The Lizard

Spider-Man travels to Florida to dicover the mystery behind the mysterious Lizard Man roaming the everglades.


The Lizard has always been one of my favourite Spidey villains, mainly due to the conflicting natures of Conners and the creature. They’ve ruined him in the current comic books, so to me, the only Lizard stuff worth reading is the older stories, and of course, their animated adaptations.

This is the first appearance of Lizard outside the comics, and it’s more or less a faithful adaptation of Amazing Spider-Man #6. There’s a rather big variation on the character though – this version of Conners had 2 arms! I’m not sure why they chose to go down this road, after all, this basically was an animated version of the comic, arguably more so than any other episode, why the change?

It’s irrelevant, as the character is actually still there. Conners became The Lizard whilst trying to find a cure for swamp fever, only to become a 6 foot reptile. His voice is fairly goofy and so is his design. If you’re looking for a scary version of The Lizard here… well, you’re not going to get it.

The episode does have more major annoyance in Billy Conner. This show didn’t even try to have Billy escape the stereotype childish “Told one thing, do the other” role. It was done with the show’s signature hammy tone, but it wasn’t really all that funny.

Not an exceptional episode of Spider-Man, but by no means a bad one.