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Review By Krankyboy, Media By Stu

Episode #48 - Vine

When a strange vine like creature threatens New York, can Spidey save the day?


One of the better installments in the second season, “Vine” incorporates a storyline which features Ralph Bakshi's stable the prehistoric monsters and bizarre villains. The usual jungle backgrounds and stock animation are used to good effect (aside from the fact that we see the same twenty screaming people running from the vine monster in New York). Spider-Man's quest to find a pair of radium gems within a city controlled by the mutated vines is certainly fair enough in terms of plotting, although the creatures themselves will evoke plenty of laughter from anyone over the age of ten. The vines also speak in the type of dastardly tones only found in a cartoon series from the 60's and 70's:

“Yes,” the nefarious leader of the vine mutations growls at one point, “let the man thing get to the temple. And then - Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!”

At another juncture while Spider-Man awaits his battle with the caterpillar (Tina Turner is sadly not present), the vine leader sneers: “Your healthy protein body disgusts me!” And there's the delightful catch-phrase from our hero: “Great Spiders!”

It's entertaining stuff, especially if you just sit back and roll with it.

The vocal characterizations are a great deal of fun, especially Paul Soles who provided the voices for Peter Parker and his alter ego as the deeper-voiced, heroic Spider-Man. This might not be award winning material, but an audience of children and nostalgic adults should love it.