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Review and Media by Jon T

Episode #70 - Up From Nowhere

Dr. Atlantean has all of Manhattan at his mercy as sinks the island into the river, with only a thin dome for protection. Can Spider-Man stop him from shutting off the dome and conquering the surface world?


The bizarre plot from Swing City makes its first reappearance here.

At least when other third season episodes re-used animation from the superior first season episodes, there was something vaguely watchable about them - usually because of the recognizable Spider-Man villains. But with episodes like this, which use animation from what are already bad stories... The results are not inspiring.

At least there's a little bit of an attempt to do something different here, as the Master Technician is subtly altered into the aquatic Dr. Atlantean. But those alterations are countered by having the island of Manhattan once again being abducted (this time sunk into a river rather than levitated), just serving to make the swipe all the more obvious.

I really don't know why anyone bothered to make most of these later episodes, considering Krantz Films' clearly didn't have acceptable resources to make them. Oh, and this is another one of a few episodes that was sadly unable to be re-mastered for DVD.