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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #20 - Here Comes Trubble

Spider-Man discovers ancient mythological creatures coming to life in New York City. Believe it or not, it's all J. Jonah Jameson's fault!


The first thing that should be said about this episode is how good Paul Soles delivery in the opening act is, especially his comments on his sanity. ďYou see it everydayĒ. Brilliant!

I always like Soles in the role. I appreciate that he made the effort to distinguish Peterís voice from Spider-Manís, something that wasnít actually done again in animation until Neil Patrick Harris excellent performance in Spider-Man: The New Animated Series.

Aside from signing the praises of Mr Soles, what does this episode have to offer? Well, a villain with a really dodgy motivation, and another spectacular use of Spider-Manís webbing. Yes folks, Spideyís amazing fluid can now defy gravity! It doesnít burn in fire either! The stuff of wonders!

Beside from that, itís an average episode. Itís got more than itís fair share of Spidey poses, and itís actually a pretty looking episode, but the story is just your average tale, courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. (Sorry, I had to get that in somewhere. Couldnít resist!)