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Episode #31 - The Terrible Triumph Of Dr. Octopus

Dr. Octopus returns and steals a powerful rocket. No time to ask why he stole the rocket in the first place, Spidey has ass to kick!


Dr. Octopus makes his long awaited return! I thought it took them a helluva a long time to come back to Octavious. This episode isnít anywhere near as good as the season premiere, but itís still not too bad an outing.

I was particularly impressed with the fight for the missile. This show was never anything like The Batman when it comes to fight staging, but it did a pretty good job. Itís clear from watching the fights that they were playing for laughs though. They didnít have the budget for much else.

They didnít do a great job with Ock, but his arrogant scientist persona managed to find itís way to the small screen. His design was nothing special, God only knows why they put him in a purple jumpsuit. I know a lot of villain designs werenít based on the comics, but purple? Why not give him a gay hood ornament as well?