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Review and Media by Jon T

Episode #41 - Swing City

The Master Technician uses a nuclear reactor to lift Manhattan into the air and hold the city hostage. Unluckily for him, Spider-Man arrives to stop his plans!


This episode introduces the first of many green-skinned villains to the show. I wonder if the use of this hue was some sort of attempt to highlight that whenever there's someone green, they're innately evil or simply because green was easier for the animators to paint? Somehow given the general animation quality of second and third seasons, I lean towards the latter!

There are a couple of nice sequences highlighting Peter's college life, which presents us with a confident individual with eyes for a girl (the first of quite a few!), Sonia. Not exactly the Spider-Man from the comics as he's generally known, but it does make for an interesting change at least.

However, onto the main plot of the story, we have the Master Technician, who uses a nuclear reactor to levitate Manhattan Island to blackmail the city. Granted, this does produce some good visual concepts with the island suspended in the air, but the Master Technician is a pretty generic mad scientist type.

This episode is also the first appearance of the most annoying stock animation shot ever used in the series; one where Spider-Man falls through the air flat to the ground, with no attempt at shooting another webline. It's used in many future episodes where it's no less frustrating to see.

As an aside, prepare to become very familiar with this story in later episodes!