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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #2 - Subzero For Spidey

Spider-Man must battle a group of iceman from Pluto who have frozen most of New York City!

If you’ve ever seen this show, you’ll know it can get a little weird at time. At times it was a tongue in cheek version of the early Spider-Man comics, but sometimes, it wandered into something really, really odd to watch.

This episode is a prime example. In it, Spidey must fight a group of giant iceman who came from Pluto. Aside from Spidey’s misadventures trying to get to their iceberg home, this episode has very little going on. The villains of the piece are simply odd, in both looks and visuals.

This review may now also come across as odd, but there’s really not that much to the episode. Spidey himself nary has a one-liner; the villains kidnap a scientist, only not really. But they did. That’s not supposed to sound as Dodgeball as it probably does, but that’s sincerely what happened.

Arguably one of the most tedious episodes from the first season.