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Episode #37 - Sting Of The Scorpion

Spider-Man battles a gigantic Scorpion and must protect J. Jonah Jameson from the massive monster!


Spider-Man battles a 20 ft Scorpion. Okay thenÖ

Yes, this episode is damn weird. Thatís all there is too it. Despite some very amusing screen captures it provided, itís an episode that I was watching with 6 simple words running through my head; ďWhat the hell is going on here?Ē

The weird thing is, this isnít actually a bad episode, itís simply difficult to review because itís really, really weird. Itís not a plot this show usually does, which, given how repetitive this series is, is actually pretty cool. There was some classic moments with J. Jonah Jameson and some pretty good Spidey one liners but againÖ itís weird.

Just look at the captures, it reviews it better than I.