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Review and Media by Jon T

Episode #45 - Spiderman Battles The Molemen

Just a few weeks after the last caper, buildings start sinking into the ground again. Once more, Spider-Man heads underground to deal with the molemen's plot.


Welcome to the first (again, one of many such firsts to be found from now on) episode to be made almost entirely of stock footage.

It's essentially Menace From The Bottom Of The World again with a few new lines. No attempt is made to alter any of the animation or characters from the first episode, leaving us with a different main villain who happens to look exactly like the first one, and the same Daily Bugle reporter (Hammond) ending up in the molemen's city. The only interesting sequences are the ones where different parts of the underground world are seen - complete with killer elves!

If you've seen the first molemen episode, then you've essentially seen this one. A waste of time.