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Review and Media by Jon T

Episode #75 - Specialists And Slaves

The Radiation Specialist uses the infamous nuclear reactor to hold Manhattan hostage and control the populous - turning them all against Spider-Man!


Unbelievably, Swing City is recycled for a third time in this episode! Also as a bonus, To Cage A Spider is swiped as well, so 'lucky' viewers end up with two for the price of one!

This time, the Swing City animation is unaltered, and although the villain is called the Radiation Specialist, it does seem as if he is supposed to be the same character as the Master Technician. So in that sense at least, it's not as much of a cheat than the other episodes comprised of stock footage.

Ultimately however, unless you've already seen the other two episodes, this one unsurprisingly has very little new to offer.