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Review By Krankyboy, Media By Stu

Episode #47 - The Evil Sorcerer

Thousands of years before the dawn of civilization, evil magicians fought for supremacy and world domination. The most aggressive and powerful of these sorcerers was Kotep, a plump-looking green creature with severe dermatological issues. During a battle, Kotep is transformed into a stone statue which ends up in the museum at Empire State University, where our heroic Wall crawler now studies...


Another episode which relies heavily upon past animation from one of Ralph Bakshi's other Saturday morning cartoon efforts, “The Evil Sorcerer” forgoes the classic villains of the comic books in favor of demonic monsters from the netherworld. Young fans probably won't mind, but viewers expecting a close representation of Spider-Man's adventures in the comics will be sorely disappointed.

Nevertheless, it's nice to see Peter Parker engaged in a rivalry over a love interest's affections and having his masked identity of Spider-Man continually getting in the way. After Susan turns him down for a date at the beach, Peter grouses about how “she'd change her mind if she knew that I'm really Spider-Man.” Of course, he follows up this failed attempt by having to feign fear and rush off during a time of crisis, giving Susan the impression that Peter is a spineless weakling and not the fearless hero he truly is. It's rather simplistic for adults, but such complications for the main character work rather well for young children.

Once again, the animation is terribly limited. But fans of the show should get a kick out of this second season episode.