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Review and Media by Jon T

Episode #62 - Sky Harbor

The crazed Baron causes panic in the skies, and with the Mayor's blessing, Spider-Man journeys upwards to stop him!


Thematically this episode is very similar to Criminals In The Clouds with Skymaster replaced by the stereotypically German-accented (and unsurprisingly green-skinned) Baron. Although instead of Skymaster's airship, the Baron implausibly (even for this show) uses a whole floating air strip, complete with hangars!

Interestingly, some of Spider-Man's acceptance from authority figures (as in first season episodes like Kilowatt Kaper) is seen here when none other than the mayor decides to bring Spider-Man in to tackle this new menace. Speaking of whom, one thing I noticed that was odd is that it's over five whole minutes before Spider-Man even appears - and this episode is one of the eleven-minute ones!

I think Ralph Bakshi and the show's writers may have been getting sick of Spider-Man by this point!