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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #6 - The Sky Is Falling

The Vulture takes over the skies! Can Spidey stop him in time to save New York from arial assault?


One of the more annoying rouges from the show, The Vulture makes his debut here. It’s not the Vulture of the comics here, he’s basically a bland, generic birdman, with a rather annoying voice and a stupid grin.

The idea of a bunch of birds threatening New York is a little stupid, even for this show. There was some humour in the episode, and once again, most of it came for good ol’ J. Jonah Jameson, Fearless Publisher of The Daily Bugle, as well as 2 million dollar bills. It appears Vulture couldn’t be assed carrying all that change around! Quite how he planned to get that change was another matter all together!

Not one of Spidey’s better episodes, or villains. Nothing remarkable here in the slightest.