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Review By Krankyboy, Media By Stu

Episode #55 - Spider-Man Meets Skyboy

During his search for a missing scientist and the “Astro Helmet” which he invented, Spider-Man runs across a youthful adversary who is trying to locate the scientist himself. Look out, Spider-Man! Here comes Skyboy!


One of the best episodes of the second season also features one of the silliest costumes for a hero in the cartoon's entire run. Skyboy's insulated suit, cape, and oversized helmet which allows the wearer to defy gravity are a sight to behold, and it should evoke a few giggles from even the most devoted fans of the series.

However, the attempts of young Jan Caldwell to find his father (and his simultaneously assuming the identity of Skyboy) provides one of the only opportunities for Spider-Man to face off with another hero on the show. “Spider-Man Meets Skyboy” also introduces a new character -- Jerry Muldoon, a rival photographer at another newspaper who keeps scooping Peter Parker with pictures of his alter ego. Additionally, there's the insertion of a narrator which Ralph Bakshi rarely (if ever) used when he took over production of the series. And what would a second season episode be without another green-skinned villain for good measure?

Bakshi's animation is terribly limited and uses quite a bit of stock footage from the first season, but the story is engaging enough.