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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #9 - Sands Of Crime

Spider-Man meets The Sandman, a villain who can turn himself into sand! Once again, Jameson blames Spider-Man for his crimes!


Sandman has never been the most interesting of villains to me, basically as he has no other definition other than his powers. He should fit right at home here then. Very little if any character development appeared in the show, but as Iíve said before, itís not a bad thing. This is a comedy cartoon featuring an action hero, in my opinion. When Ralph Bashki turned it into a full-fledged action show, it sucked. Badly.

A man turning into sand isnít exactly the most threatening of powers, but they managed to turn it around by having the episode set on a beach. The beginning of the episode made me laugh. Poor Spidey, being inches away from a diamond only seconds after it was stolen! Taking the blame once again, Jameson receives the ransom bill for the diamond. Iím not sure why the criminals of New York seem to think Jameson will foot the bill for everything, but heís at it once again here!

This is basically an average episode. Sandman wasnít up to much in terms of writing or visuals, and a lot of the plot could arguably been seen in other episodes.