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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #17 - The Revenge Of Dr. Magneto

Dr. Magneto plans to gain his revenge on the city for failing to elect him in the Science Hall Of Fame! So Spidey kicks his ass.


This episode’s a weird one. It’s the first of trend in the show, using a villain from the comic powers, but not having him appear in the slightest. This villain is obviously based on Magneto, but it’s a weird old man with a dodgy moustache instead of everyone’s favourite red and purple clad mutant.

He gets pissed because the world fails to recognise his remarkable research in the field of magnetism and decides to commit crimes to gain his recognition. So yeah, despite being a genius and creating a magnetic gun, he’s still not the brightest lamp in the street. Despite my (mild) bashing of the character, this episode isn’t actually too bad. The show did a lot better, but the episode certainly shouldn’t be considered a waste of time.