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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #18 - The Sinister Prime Minister

Spider-Man must convince the police that the Prime Minister has been kidnapped and replaced with an imposter!


Another odd villain if only because once again, itís a villain of the comics with a different name and design! Charles Cameo is an actor who disguises himself as other people and commits crime. Yeah, itís The Chameleon without the white mask. Iím actually quite surprised the likes of Kraven, Chameleon and The Shocker didnít appear, they seemed to like using the earlier Spidey rouges, and most of them were pretty faithful, if 2 dimensional translations.

The plot of the episode isnít too bad, the loss of The Chameleon didnít annoy me that much, and the final fight is actually pretty amusing in a stupid way. As you can see from the images below, Spider-Man defeats Cameo using one of manís finest creation Ė curtains.

Nothing outstanding, but some genuinely fun stuff here.