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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #1 - The Power Of Dr. Octopus

Dr. Octopus kidnaps Spider-Man and plans to hold the city to ransom! Can Spidey stop the multi-armed menace in time to save his beloved city?


This show has always been a favourite of mine, as it practically introduced me to Spider-Man, and itís one of my earliest memories of the character. I remember looking for videos of the show every time I went to the stores as a little kid, and this was my favourite version of Spidey up until the time the new series aired in the mid 1990ís.

Looking back on it now, itís a very odd show. Things you donít notice much as a child scream at you here. The cheesy dialogue, the incredibly hammy villains, and of course, the ridiculously cheap budget. Yes, a good 30% of every single episode is stock footage, but the fact is, it really is part of the showís charm. If youíre looking for intelligent stories, characters who actually develop and a strong resemblance to the Spider-Man of today, youíre simply looking in the wrong place. This is a silly, goofy and plain ludicrous cheesy show, butÖ itís a good silly, goofy and plain ludicrous cheesy show.

The opening episode, spilt into two stories is a fine example. The first is your typical Spider-Man vs. Supervillian episode, in this case itís long time Spidey foe, Dr. Octopus. Thereís no origin sequence for either character, no explanation as to why Octavious is evil, but 5 minutes into the episode, youíll see why itís clearly not needed.

This episode is actually one of the funnier episodes, due to Spideyís seemingly endless array of one-liners directly at poor olí Otto Octavious. Spidey is no doubt at his best with the funny stuff here, but he doesnít appear to be that good at the whole superhero thing, he gets captured twice in 10 minutes! This episode also introduces one of the main cheese factors that is shown in practically every episode. Spider-Manís webbing can do anything in this show. He can picks locks, act as a bomb shield, crate a fan powerful enough to act as a raft, and my favourite, creates a sword strong enough to oppose steal.

One of the main plot points taken from the comics is that Peter works at The Daily Bugle, for his ill-tempered boss, J. Jonah Jameson, along with his long-suffering secretary, and Peterís love interest, Betty Brant. He has some classic lines here, especially when he learns just where Peter have been for the whole episode.

JAMESON: Now tell me exactly what happened!

BETTY: Well, Spider-ManÖ

JAMESON: Enough! Enough! I donít wanna hear another word!

Jameson was comedy gold throughout the show, a perfect translation from the comic. The Power Of Dr. Octopus serves as a good introduction to the show, delivering throughout.