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Review And Media By Stu

Episode #39 - The Origin Of Spider-Man

Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, endowing him with spider like powers! Will he use his new gifts responsibly?

Review: The second season oddly beings with Spider-Manís origin, and boy, the changes from the previous season are immediately noticeable. The once simple backgrounds had been replaced with what appears to be buildings with paint thrown on them and the clean models had been replaced with and now looked crap.

I know the budget was dropped, but honestly, it was spent in the wrong places. The show didnít need new music, models and backgrounds, as they were fine before. The show, in my opinion, became painful to watch. The majority of what I could be bothered to sit through had ridiculously slow pacing and a good 5 minutes of web slinging each episode. Thereís one particularly annoying scene in this episode that shows some dude asking Peter if he wants to go get a drinkÖ only thereís no dialogue. It literally shows Peter and this dude talking, with only music playing. As I said above, painful.

Despite my misgivings with the episode, thereís actually a good chunk of Amazing Fantasy #15 animated here, but itís done in such an un-presentable way I find it an insult to one of my favourite Spider-Man stories. The only thing I really like about this episode is itís ending about how, in essence, it was he who really killed his Uncle Ben. It almost saves the episode, but in honesty, I canít stand watching much of these second and third season episodes. I find the majority of them to be absolutely terrible and I rank this amongst them.