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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #8 - Never Step On A Scorpion

Jameson sets an all new supervillain on Spidey! Will he immediatly regret his desicion?


This episode sees one of my favourite Spider-Man villains introduced. Scorpion was one of the few villains to get something resembling an origin. It was barely shown, but it was shown nonetheless. I especially liked Stillwell’s pleas to let him conduct further tests before setting The Scorpion on Spider-Man.

I thought Scorpion turned heel far too quickly, but this allows us to get into the handsome swing of things. With Scorpion hunting Spidey and Jameson fearing for his life, we now get a team up for the ages… Spider-Man and The Fearless Publisher of The Daily Bugle himself, Mr. J. Jonah Jameson!

I thought Scorpion was translated pretty cool here. There’s defiantly a lot of Dikto-ness in his design, and his powers actually made for some pretty cool fight scenes. He’s not very deep, but no one on the show is. Another good for a giggle episode.