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Review By Krankyboy, Media By Stu

Episode #67 - The Birth Of Micro Man

Peter Parker unwittingly picks up a hitchhiker who is really an escaped criminal from a local prison. Now being pursued by the police as an accomplice, Peter changes into Spider-Man and tries to capture the villain in order to clear his name.

Somebody has got to tell Peter Parker that if he sees a green-skinned man trying to get a ride in the middle of a foggy night to keep going (as if green-skinned men shouldn't alert his spider sense after several episodes in the second season).

Spider-Man's subsequent miniaturization at the hands of "Micro Man" (otherwise known as Professor Pretorious) leads to battles with a normal-sized feline and a tedious cat and mouse game with a monkey -- neither of which providing much in the way of action and thrills for viewers. There's plenty of stock animation on parade in this episode, and only the most patient of fans will come away without feeling slightly disappointed. But young kids should eat it up.