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Review and Media by Jon T

Episode #43 - Menace From The Bottom Of The World

With the strange disappearance of buildings in New York, Spider-Man investigates and encounters a whole underground world of terrors, including the molemen responsible for stealing the buildings, and their mysterious master.


This is the first truly surreal episode of the 1967 Spider-Man series, heralding many others to come.

With a bank having disappeared and messages being detected from underground, it's no surprise to discover a subterranean threat in this episode! Unfortunately, instead of the Mole Man himself from the comics, we end up with a derivative bunch of molemen.

As to be expected from this point in the series, Spidey's journey through the underground world is appropriately 'far out' with lots of extremely strange creatures living there. Having said that, the actual molemen's underground buildings do have a genuine sense of otherworldliness about them, all enhanced by the unsettling background music.

The idea that all the molemen were just being controlled by a lone bank robber is quite stupid, though.