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Episode #5 - The Menace Of Mysterio

Spider-Man is framed for robbery as a new superhero offers to defeat Spider-Man for Jameson? Is Mysterio all he's cracked up to be?


This episode introduces my favourite villain from the show, Mysterio. Iíve always been a big Mysterio fan, and he was brilliant in this cartoon. One of Spideyís weirder rouges for sure, but Iíve always had a soft spot for Mysterio, mainly due to this cartoon, in all honesty. Whilst I much prefer Return Of The Flying Dutchman to this episode, this is still one of my favourites.

This episode is also the first to take up the full 20 some minutes of the airing. All the previous episodes featured 2 stories in the half hour. I think the episode was certainly deserving of it. I could see why some episodes could only be stretched out to 10 minutes, but this one needed more time. Itís essentially an adaptation of Amazing Spider-Man #13, with Mysterio framing Spider-Man, and them fighting on the bridge.

Thereís some downright hilarious moments in the episode, the best being Jameson ripping his money in half and promising Mysterio his money once Spider-Man is found. The image of Jameson ripping the bills in half had me laughing for several minutes. Itís not the only bizarre moment of the episode. When Spider-Man brings his gas mask to help him defeat Mysterio, olí fishbowl spray a chemical at him, which dissolves only his mask, leaving the rest of his costume spotless!

One of the showís better episode, it kept this Mysterio fanboy happy!