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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #32 - Magic Malice

The Green Goblin steals Blackwell's book of magic spells! None too please, Spidey gives The Goblin what for!


This sees the return of not one but 2 villains from the show, The Green Goblin and Blackwell The Magician! Thankfully, they remembered that Blackwell wasn’t even a villain at all, and this time around, The Green Goblin was stealing his magic tricks. It’s a lot better than him trying to resurrect a ghost, that’s for sure!

This episode features one of the show’s funniest moments. Armed with his newfound magic nursery rhyme book, The Goblin heads to the bank to steal precious jewellery. Not wanting his good name to be dragged through the mud, he did the honourable thing. He paid the parking fee, even stating that he “wouldn’t want to break the law.” Brilliant!

The rest of the episode is cheesy fun but again, it’s not very Green Goblin-ish. They really did go with their own version of The Goblin here, design aside, he’s nothing like the one from the comics. Take it as it is, or you’ll probably hate it is the best way to explain this version of The Goblin.