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Review And Media By Stu

Episode #73 - The Madness Of Mysterio

Mysterio returns and shrinks Spider-Man in hopes of finally ending his feud with the wallcrawler.


When I originally heard that Mysterio appeared in one of the later Bashki episodes, I immediatly put the DVD in the player, hoping to see at least a half decent episode featuring my favourite villain from this show. What I got was the ultimate dissapointment.

Gone was the cape, no fishbowl to be found here, no smoke and mirrors. Instead, Mysterio had been replaced with a generic green skinned villain, and I quickly lost interest. I managed to make it to the end of the episode and after watching it, I've decided that I never, ever want to see it again. God, it was painful.

The first season may have been utterly camp, but at least it was half decent. The later seasons simply suck. Terribly.

Such a waste...