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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #14 - Horn Of The Rhino

The Rhino comes charging! Will Spider-Man be able to defeat the big grey goon whilst battling a cold and keeping his identity a secret from his old Aunt May?


One of the better episodes of 60’s Spider-Man, this episode is a landmark in Marvel Animation – this episode introduces Peter’s Aunt May! And here you thought there was some kind of silly embargo on the character appearing on the show because she’s old. Silly reader!

Rhino also makes his debut here, and for once, he’s not super dumb! Whilst he has limited intelligence, he’s nowhere near as dumb as his comic book counter part, but just as strong. One of my favourites from this cartoon, for sure. His design looked really odd, especially when he ran, but he had a great voice. It’s a shame that so little is known of the voice actors from this beside Spidey/Peter, Betty and Jameson, as most of the time, they were a fine bunch.

I also liked the subplot of Peter being sick, and having to keep his secret identity from Aunt May. I think Peter’s difficultly with duality makes him the most interesting of all superheroes and it was nice to see it shown here, however brief it may have been. Whilst we wouldn’t see this type of thing again until the 80’s Cartoon Show it was welcome here. I wish we’d have seen more of it, to be honest.

The instant heat scene was baffling, but it wasn’t out of place in the plain ludicrousness of this show. A well done episode!