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Review and Media by Jon T

Episode #52 - Home

Peter meets the girl of his dreams, but after she sends his spider-sense crazy, he discovers that she has spider-powers just like Spider-Man!


This is probably one of the most fascinating Ralph Bakshi-directed episodes.

Carol, the mysterious girl who sets of Peter's spider-sense is one of, if not the first appearances of a sort of female counterpart to Spider-Man. Granted, it's an obvious stretch, but the idea seems to have first been tried out here. It's just a pity Carol didn't have her own spider-costume.

That she's from yet another strange alien race is no real surprise by this point, but the fact that they're somewhat similar to Spider-Man himself at least lends some sort of viable relationship with Spider-Man's world.

With a whole bunch of other spider-men to contend with, at least Spider-Man has some interesting challenges to overcome, considering they all have the same powers.