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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #33 - Fountain Of Terror

When Dr. Conners goes missing in Florida, Spidey takes a trip to the everglades in hopes of finding the good Doctor!


I didn’t ever expect to see Conners again after Where Crawls The Lizard, and felt quite the fool when he returned not once, but twice. This episode is the better of the 2, if only because his 3rd appearance is nothing but a confusing rehash of his original premiere.

The Kraven rip off’s return was a surprise, but not totally unwelcome. Billy Conner suddenly becoming a superhero made for another annoying appearance for the young ‘un, but eh, he was only in 3 episodes. I could’ve done without a 10 year old lifting up a cannon, but eh.

So yeah. An “eh” episode.