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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #24 - Farewell Performance

J. Jonah Jameson's demands of having the old theatre knocked down leads to some strange disturbances, and ol' Spidey swings to the rescue!


Another one of my favourites, this episode introduces my favourite original villain in Blackwell. I thought they put a lot more effort into developing Blackwell more than the others, as he wasn’t a villain per se; he just resorted to some shady dealings to get his wishes fulfilled. Magicians and the like work flawlessly in this show’s goofy tone. They also managed to find a great voice for Blackwell, it’s a shame so little is known about the Canadian voice actors that we’ll probably never know his name.

Whilst it’s true that nostalgia no doubt plays a big part of my fondness of the episode, it genuinely is an entertaining episode, with a decent plot, some nice action and a few laughs. I thought Spidey’s plan to save the theatre was actually pretty smart, using Jameson hatred for him as a great weapon.

The music in the episode is also above average. I love the jazz score used in this season, it fits the swingin’ sixties perfectly, as well as capturing the shows fun, adventurous tone. It got a little too much in the later seasons, but this season had great music. Farewell Performance is easily one of the show’s best episodes.