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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #23 - The Return Of The Flying Dutchman

Spider-Man investigages a disturbance at Smuggler's cove after the locals report sightings of The Flying Dutchman!


This is it. My utter and absolute favourite episode of this show ever. If you’ve read any of the previous reviews, you’ll know that this is the very first episode of any Spider-Man cartoon I saw at the tender age of 3 years old and would eventually watch the episode until I could quote the damn thing word for word. That poor, poor VHS…It never stood a chance. I actually still have it now. It’s completely and utterly battered.

The episode itself features the return of my favourite villain from the show, Mysterio, Master Of Illusion! I think Mysterio fits the tone of this show perfectly, a goofy villain with a great gimmick and superb voice work. The majority of the villains had their designs streamlined for animation, and Mysterio’s worked better than most. This episode even delves into past episodes, with Mysterio citing his experience as a stuntman.

Once again, Spider-Man proves his mighty webbing is easily the greatest substance ever created, using the liquid to create a sword stronger than steal, and teaching Mysterio’s chumps how a real sword fight is done!

I’ve no doubt that this is my favourite episode purely due to nostalgia, but this genuinely is one of the shows better episodes.