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Review By Krankyboy, Media By Stu

Episode #61 - Spider-Man Meets Skyboy

Spider-Man is pitted against a flying bandit named Desperado who has been robbing banks and jewelry stores alike across New York City. The wall crawler tries to round him up before he can strike again

There are few times in your life that you'll have the pleasure of seeing a cowboy riding a flying mechanical horse and robbing banks, so here's your chance. Despite the silliness of the villain's appearance, "Spider-Man vs. Desperado" moves along at a brisker pace than many of the other episodes Ralph Bakshi produced when he took over after the first season.

The episode does feature the return of J. Jonah Jameson (who figures prominently into the plot) and Aunt May (who appeared rather infrequently from the second season onward) as both she and Peter hear a news flash about Desperado's latest heist -- leading to a hasty exit and change outside by her nephew. Her character design has been altered quite bit from the first season, and not necessarily for the better. But the target audience of young kids shouldn't be bothered in the least.