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Review and Media by Jon T

Episode #42 - Criminals In The Clouds

Skymaster, in his quest to master the skies, kidnaps Peter's classmate Roy Robinson to force his father to hand over his invisible paint to cover his airship. Only Spider-Man can stop him!


We get to see more personal problems for Peter, as he attempts to impress his latest interest, Susan, by attempting to emulate BMOC Roy Robinson. Robinson's also of interest to the villain Skymaster, who wants to hold him to ransom.

Skymaster is presented as a very confident, oddly icy villain. Apart from that, and his militaristic airship, there's nothing particularly distinctive about him. Oddly, in the middle of all this weirdness, Spider-Man himself is written just like his usual wisecracking self - a trend that would continue even in the most surreal episodes.

Regardless, it's episodes like this that really make you wish the show was more like the far superior comics of the time.