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Review and Media by Jon T

Episode #56 - Cold Storage

The diamond thief Dr. Cool puts Spider-Man traps Spider-Man in a refrigerator, where he is frozen only to emerge years later in the dangerous New York of the future!


After an unusually down-to-earth start to this story, once again we're into some quite weird territory, with Spider-Man apparently frozen and thawed out many years later.

It was a shame that Spidey's hallucination was telegraphed so early into the episode by the forgettable Dr. Cool, but his future jaunt was still fairly interesting as far as things go. The visuals of a ruined New York are quite a bleak image for a 60s show, and the curiously de-evolved civilization is almost right out of Planet of the Apes.

This is probably one of the first times a US animated cartoon actually depicted a depressingly regressive future - even if it was all 'disappointingly' just a hallucination!