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Review By Krankyboy, Media By Stu

Episode #50 - Cloud City Of Gold

While on a student exchange program in South America, Peter Parker runs into some trouble with some of their strange natives...


One of the many episodes which feature our favorite wall-crawler in strange lands (often meeting up with monsters or green-skinned villains in the process), “Cloud City of Gold” is brimming with all of the danger and excitement that a young viewer could want - despite the fact that it features limited animation and extremely slow pacing which might drive teenagers and adults to tears.

The villain of the piece, De Vargas, is no more than a stock, one-dimensional descendant of Spaniards who came to the continent centuries earlier. Once again, Ralph Bakshi relies upon animation used from other cartoons which he produced, although the results are certainly passable here. And strangely enough, after the plane crashes, Peter Parker just vanishes (for obvious reasons) without explanation. Nobody seems at all curious about where he's gone - or why he hasn't joined the small band as they try to find their way back to civilization. Then again, his teacher and the two pilots have seemingly just left him behind at the plane, so perhaps their oversight simply proved fortunate for the young hero (and even more so for the story).

But for those interested in a nostalgia trip or thinking of a superhero cartoon to show their kids, “Cloud City of Gold” perfectly suffices.