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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #35 - To Catch A Spider

Dr Noah Body springs Electro, The Vulture and The Green Goblin in a plan to kill Spider-Man. Can the 4 villains work together to finally defeat thier dreaded foe?


This episode is simply fantastic. A nice break from the norm, this episode features a team up of some of the shows previous rouges. Dr. Noah Body unites the Green Goblin, Electro and The Vulture and proposes they finally kill Spider-Man once and for all. It was cool to see the villains team up, and it was good to see something different, I won’t lie.

The episode is filled with the usual cheese, but it manages to entertain. The villains bickering made for damn entertaining scenes, especially the image of the 3 supervillians taking orders from a talking chair. The episode only gets funnier. Spidey’s own magic webbing comes into use again. Not contempt with slaying steel, Spidey’s webs can now block The Goblin’s pumpkins bombs! This also allowed for an absolutely priceless delivery of “Oh no” from The Goblin when his own bomb bounced back at him. I had to pause it after that, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. Hammy delivery at it’s finest!

Spidey’s ventriloquist skills were too perfect to be considered a good plot point, but I was still laughing at The Green Goblin too much to care. If you only ever make time to watch one episode of Spider-Man, make sure it’s this one.