Episode #12: Interventions
Original Airdate: June 7th, 2008

Peter Parker finally gains enough self-awareness to realize the alien Symbiote hasn't simply bonded with his Spider-Man costume, it's taken over his life! But when he tries to remove it, the Symbiote fights back, creating a battleground in Pete's own mind. But is it a war Pete can win?
Written by Greg Weisman
Directed by Dave Bullock
Music by Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter, Michael McCuistion
Animation By Dongwoo animation

Josh Keaton as Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Lacey Chabert as Gwen Stacy
Ed Asner as Ben Parker
Lacey Chabert as Gwen Stacy
Ben Diskin as Eddie Brock/Venom
Robert Costanzo as Sullivan Edwards
Jim Cummings as Crusher Hogan
Dorian Harewood as Doc Bromwell
Josh Lebar as Flash Thompson
Vanessa Marshall as Mary Jane Watson
Kevin Micheal Richardson as Tombstone
Kath Soucie as Martha Connors
Deborah Strang as May Parker
Alanna Ubach as Liz Allan

Review: Stu - This episode sees Peter separated from the symbiote and Eddie finally become Venom. I’ve been a massive fan of the symbiote and it’s one of my all time favourite Spider-Man stories – I’ve always greatly enjoyed seeing superheroes internal battles with themselves and this symbiote storyline is arguably the best there is as far as comic books goes – this is the one story I really, really look forward to seeing in each new interpretation of the character. And Mysterio, of course.

The story is a relatively new one as far as comic books go – it originally had it’s origin in the 80’s but it’s since evolved from there when the 90’s animated series came up with the ingenious idea of having the suit affect Peter’s emotions and increase his aggression. The Alien Costume storyline was widely regarded as the series finest hour, and the show’s most memorable image is Peter hanging upside down, staring at his own reflection in a costume he doesn’t recognise. It then made it’s way into Ultimate Spider-Man but Peter was given only a single issue in his cool black suit (drawn by the incredible Mark Bagley). Given how Bendis can spend 4 issues having Peter tie his shoes, this is inexcusable – the rest of the story sucked too, despite a promising beginning. It more famously made it’s way onto the big screen for the underrated Spider-Man 3, which focused more on Peter’s reaction to giving into his dark side rather than Spider-Man’s. His black costume (minus the symbiote) made it’s return to the comics just in time for Spider-Man 3’s arrival on the big screen and that was utterly crap, with the exception of Sensational Spider-Man’s “The Strange Case Of…” storyline. Given the above, it wasn’t surprising to see the symbiote make it’s appearance at last years Comic-Con video.

After an outstanding opening season, we come to Persona in which Peter finally decides to bide adieu to the symbiote. Truth to be told, I’d consider this episode to be the weakest episode of the season as Peter’s sudden realisation that he needs to get rid of the alien lacks oomph as is his deduction that sound waves. It’s not necessarily bad per se – it just could’ve been done better. Given how they’ve managed to do a bang up job with pretty much everything writing wise so far, it’s disappointing to see one of my personal favourite stories be a little weaker than the rest of them.

Which is probably going to make this paragraph more difficult for those of you who don’t agree with me to swallow – there was absolutely no need for the long, drawn out origin flashback – subtle nods to it would’ve sufficed with a new story and a more dramatic reason for Peter’s rejection of the alien would’ve been a better way to go. I did greatly enjoy the symbiote persuading Peter to accept it and especially loved Ed Asner as Uncle Ben but his appearance here again could’ve been done without the flashback and it could’ve done more with his memory too. I understand why they went in this direction but I personally think it was the wrong one. Having read through the talkbacks for this episode, I realise I’m in the minority here but eh, this is my review, I should call it as I see it.

The other main point of the episode was to of course bond Brock with the alien and finally give us Venom. While I really didn’t dig whatever they did to Diskin’s voice to make it venomous (whereas Keaton’s symbiote voice was exceptionally well done) I am looking forward to seeing what the show does with Venom. He is a character that’s never quite lived up to his potential – let’s hope we finally get that Spectacular version of Venom we’ve all been waiting for.

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