Episode 1: Survival Of The Fittest
Original Airdate - March 8th, 2008
Summer is over for Peter Parker and school's ready to start -- both literally (it's his junior year of high school), and in the real world of crime-fighting -- as Spider-Man faces his first real challenge (The Enforcers) and his first real super-villain (Vulture)

Episode 2: Interactions
Original Airdate - March 8th, 2008
Peter Parker and Spider-Man both try to make connections. Nerdy Pete attempts to tutor the popular Liz Allan, while Spidey reaches out to stop a new menace: Electro.

Episode #3: Natural Selection
Original Airdate: March 15th, 2008
Peter Parker and Spider-Man both must learn to own their choices when decisions made by Dr. Curt Connors transform Pete's mentor into The Lizard.

Episode #4: Market Forces
Original Airdate: March 22nd, 2008
While Peter Parker resists taking on the responsibility of helping Aunt May pay the bills, Montana – the Big Man's Enforcer – becomes the stunning Shocker to fulfill his responsibility: eliminating the Spectacular Spider-Man.

Episode #5: Competition
Original Airdate: March 29th, 2008
Peter Parker and Harry Osborn try out for the football team- and become a bit obsessed with going for the glory. Flint Marko, newly transformed into the Sandman, is out for glory too- at the expense of our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!

Episode #6: The Invisible Hand
Original Airdate - April 12th, 2008
Peter Parker struggles to get a date for the Fall Formal, and to figure out a way to pay for it. Meanwhile, the unstoppable Rhino – the latest of the Big Man's creations – has sworn vengeance on Spider-Man. Spidey takes the battle directly to the source of his troubles, the previously invisible hand, who has been secretly conducting his villain-of-the-week attacks. But the Big Man offers a surprising solution to Spidey's problems, a tempting offer he doesn't think our hero can afford to refuse. Will Spidey do the right thing?

Episode #7: Catalysts
Original Airdate: April 26th, 2008
It's the night of the Midtown High Fall Formal, and Peter Parker finds his overconfidence is nearly his undoing – as both a teenager and a super hero. While his date, Mary Jane Watson, threatens to invert Midtown's social structure, Pete lets her popularity go to his head. So when the mysterious, murderous Green Goblin tries to force L. Thompson Lincoln (a.k.a. Tombstone) to step down as NYC's Big Man of crime, will Spider-Man take this new threat seriously enough – or will he be so cocky that he loses his big head?!

Episode #8: Reaction
Original Airdate: May 3rd, 2008
Peter Parker and Spider-Man learn that actions have consequences when nebbishy Dr. Otto Octavius becomes the megalomaniacal Doctor Octopus. The cause: Green Goblin; the effect: Mayhem!!

Episode #9: The Uncertainty Principle
Original Airdate: May 10th, 2008
"The Uncertainty Principle" presents a number of perplexing situations for Peter Parker and Spider-Man as they both try to find clarity amid the masks, mysteries and menace of Halloween. While Colonel John Jameson struggles to land his damaged space shuttle, Spider-Man continues his ongoing battle with Green Goblin, who also threatens Hammerhead and Tombstone. Still, Peter's greatest challenge will be facing the awful truth when he finally learns the Goblin's "true" identity.

Episode #10: Persona
Original Airdate: May 17th, 2008
Spider-Man learns the hard way not to judge a book by its cover when another Spider-Man starts making headlines … as a crook! It's the Chameleon, master of disguise, looting the city and laying the blame at Spidey's feet. The Web-Slinger is forced to team up with another crook, the lovely Black Cat, to stop his foe's faux-Spidey crime spree and clear his name. Along the way, Spider-Man inadvertently comes in contact with an alien symbiote that dramatically alters our hero's color scheme … and begins to mess with his mind.

Episode #11: Group Threapy
Original Airdate: May 31st, 2008
With Electro's help, Doctor Octopus busts himself, Vulture, Sandman, Rhino and Shocker out of Ryker's Island prison to quench their mutual desire for revenge. Even with his new black alien symbiote suit, Spider-Man finds The Sinister Six are more than he can handle. Peter Parker might wish for an easier way out of this predicament … but be careful what you wish for, Pete.

Episode #12: Intervention
Original Airdate: June 7th, 2008
Peter Parker finally gains enough self-awareness to realize the alien Symbiote hasn't simply bonded with his Spider-Man costume, it's taken over his life! But when he tries to remove it, the Symbiote fights back, creating a battleground in Pete's own mind. But is it a war Pete can win?

Episode #13: Nature Vs Nurture
Original Airdate: June 14th, 2008
It's Thanksgiving as Aunt May Parker is released from the hospital, but Venom has no intention of letting May and Peter Parker enjoy a family celebration. Knowing all of Spider-Man's secrets – even some Pete isn't consciously aware of – Venom threatens to destroy Pete and everyone he loves most. Will Pete embrace his destiny in time to defeat this new arch-nemesis?

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