The Black Cat is a cat burglar. Stealing is as natural to her as breathing. She counts on stealth and occasionally her stunning good looks to get the job done. She tries to get in and out quickly, and considered a heist something of a failure if she has to resort to violence. But better violence than prison, right? So she's a martial arts expert, who really knows her stuff, because in her extra-legal line of work, she needs that edge. She also carries a grappling cable and other devices, which facilitate her profession. Her alter-ego, Felicia Hardy, is 19 years old, flirty, and amoral. She's never even met Peter Parker, but Felicia/Black Cat has a real yen for Spider-Man. She has no idea he's only 16 and might be a little freaked if she found out. She really doesn't get his whole “Do the Right Thing” obsession, but she does admire his passion. It's one quality she seems to lack. Still, she'd much prefer if Spidey and she could become permanent partners in crime. For his part, Spidey would much prefer she help out with the Great Power/Great Responsibility gig. But the Peter under the mask is (as usual) smitten and inclined to make allowances.

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