Gifted and cursed with spider-like abilities after a bite from a genetically spider, young Peter Parker used his newfound powers to cash in. Arrogantly allowing a thief to run past him, the same crook murdered his Uncle Ben hours later. Realising that he had ignored the responsibilities that came with his great power, Peter began fighting crime as The Spectacular Spider-Man!

Spider-Manís efforts to fight crime in New York were not unnoticed by The Big Man, a ruthless criminal who ordered the creation of an army of super mercenaries designed to defeat Spider-Man, ushering in the age of the costumed supervillain. Young Peter Parker now fights crime while dealing with the aftermath his dual life has on himself and those around him.

The Spectacular Spider-Man is produced by Marvel and Culver Entertainment, and currently airs on DisneyXD with airings in countless other international markets.

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