The following character description is taken from the Gargoyles Series Bible, available to view in its entirety here. Continue below to read the charatcer description for Hudson.

Before the Big Sleep, Hudson was just over 100 years old, which makes him the equivalent of a man in his fifties. But in the dangerous dark ages, that made him very old indeed. A war-horse, Hudson is Goliath's mentor and oldest friend. once, he was leader of the clan, but he stepped down to make way for the younger, fitter Goliath. Now he's proud to be Goliath's advisor and strong right arm. But the arm isn't as strong as it once was. His wings are torn. He's seen better days. He compensates a bit by using ancient human weapons (a sword or staff or mace) in combat. But he is, in fact, the least adaptive of the gargoyles.

He's suspicious of the modern world and is completely uninterested in exploring it. He's found two things in the twentieth century that he likes: an old, beat-up comfortable lounge chair and an old beat-up television set, the latter of which he sees as a kind of living tapestry that brings everything he could want to know about our era to him. When Goliath doesn't need him, he's a fairly content couch potato.

He's fiercely loyal and highly protective of what remains of his old clan, but he's not particularly familial or grandfatherly. He respects Goliath tremendously, and they are best friends. He tries on occasion to uphold the "Gargoyle Way" in front of the trio, but he's neither a lecturer nor a baby-sitter. To begin with, the trio's too old to need a baby-sitter. Besides, Goliath is their leader. Teaching them is Goliath's responsibility, not Hudson's. (which is not to say, he wouldn't help them if they were in trouble.) For their part, the trio respect and love Hudson.

Hudson and Elisa get along because they understand and respect each other, and because they each appreciate how much the other cares for Goliath.