Series Creator Greg Weisman reveals why he chose stone creatures as the main charatcers in the acclaimed Gargoyles animated series.

The gargoyles came first, the stories came second. I've been fascinated with gargoyles since I was a kid. I took a high school trip to Europe, the 8 countries in 5 weeks kind of trip. Even then I collected postcards of gargoyles. Then I sort of forgot about it. You flashforward a few years and I'm at Disney, we're looking for an idea to base a show on. I was running series development at the time at Disney TV Animation. We were looking to develop a show that had a lot of the elements that Gummi Bears series had.

There was Care Bears and there was Gummi Bears, and Care Bears was very, sort of saccharin... kind of TV show. Where everyone was kind of giving hugs and that kind of thing. Gummi Bears was actually an adventure comedy. It was great fun, it had this terrific backstory, a show created by Jymn Magon. The candy was the inspiration for starting the show in the first place but the series that was created was really great. We felt that Gummi Bears never got the respect it deserved. I don't take any credit for Gummi Bears. Gummi Bears was up and running by the time I joined Disney. I thought it was a great show.

We felt it didn't get respect for two reasons. One was, it's about little cuddly bears. Two was, it had this sort of medieval setting to it. So we set out to create a show that would have a little more edge to it, so the first thing we did is we took these medieval characters and brought them into the present. The second thing we did was instead of making them about little cuddly bears, we made it about little gargoyles. Certainly an influence from the movie Gremlins was in our mind a bit. I just thought gargoyles was the perfect thing. I always had been interested in them and the legend of gargoyles, that sort of predates our series is, you put these scary creatures on your building to scare away evil spirits. And that was actually what had always fascinated me, this notion that you put something ugly up to scare away something even uglier.

So we decided to sort of extrapolate backwards. Why would human beings create these stone statues? What might have inspired that notion? So we came up with this idea of this race of creatures who were good, who protected church stone during the day but came alive during the night. And we came up with the Gargoyles comedy series. Which didn't sell!

When that didn't sell we went back to the drawing board a couple of times. We redeveloped it as a drama series and that did sell and there you have it.

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