The following character description is taken from the Gargoyles Series Bible, available to view in its entirety here. Continue below to read the charatcer description for Bronx.

Unlike the rest of our gargoyles, Bronx is of a different species. He's a Gargoyle Beast, with about the same mental capacity as a regular dog. Think Hooch, in the Tom Hanks, film Turner & Hooch. He is huge, sloppy and drools a lot. He's an omnivore, so he literally eats everything in sight. He is, clearly, an opportunity for some comic relief. But that's not all he is. Like most big dogs, he is very loyal to his master. And that loyalty extends beyond Goliath to include the other gargoyles and Elisa. In a fight, he is quite literally a monster—a terror dog with powerful jaws and claws. He is not cowardly. But he inspires cowardice in others. Think Cujo on steroids.

Like all gargoyle beasts (of which he is probably the last), he has only four limbs and no wings. He can neither fly nor glide. To make up for his lack of flying ability, he can run very fast, sometimes loping straight up the side of a building, using his claws for traction. Like any gargoyle, he sleeps as stone every sunrise and awakens revitalized at sunset.

It is important to remember that Bronx is neither Scooby-Doo nor Lassie. He cannot talk. Not even mumble-talk. He knows a few basic commands, but you can't whisper a plan into his ear and expect him to understand. He can innocently scratch at a door, carving huge grooves into it. He can nudge Goliath and whimper with confusion if his master is unconscious. He can be more fierce and frightening than any pit bull. But he won't snicker like a human being. And most of what's going on goes over his head.

He hates pigeons. Pigeons really drive him nuts. He's uncontrollable around pigeons.