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Review By Arsenal, Media by Stu

Episode #8 - Antibody
Original Airdate April 11th 1998

Galactus is dying, and the only being who has even a chance of saving him is the Silver Surfer. Will he save his former master?

Written By: Larry Brody, Michael Steven Gregory
Directed By: Alison Sealy-Smith
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahchi

Review: The Silver Surfer, at least the way he is portrayed in this series, doesn’t have a lot of leading man potential.

He’s too busy pontificating about his plight to be moving or funny or interesting to the audience. Consequently, every episode of this show depends pretty much on the costars to carry out.

Fortunately, “Antibody” has two of Surfer’s best supporting players in Nova and Galactus. Galactus, voiced by James Blendick, is the most consistently well-written and performed character. For all of this show’s flaws, they got Galactus absolutely right.

Nova is one of the few characters on this show who isn’t forced to speak the stilted faux-Victorian dialect that strangles some scripts. She feels like a breath of fresh air. She’s supposed to provide levity, much like Pip. The difference is Pip was almost never funny. Nova actually is. (Yes, occasionally the voice actress overacts something fierce, but so can almost everyone else on this show.)

“Antibody” uses the “Mouse and the Lion” fable as its basis. Galactus, the lion, becomes sick after he ingests the Universal Scourge, the proverbial splinter in the toe, and Silver Surfer and Nova must save him.

Amidst this, the Wanderers—a group of displaced people who lost their worlds to Galactus—try to kill the devourer while he’s weak.

This is one of—if not the—best episode of the series. The action moves quickly so Surfer doesn’t get a lot of time to soliloquize. Nova gets some decent punch lines, and the Universal Scourge makes for an interesting visual and a sympathetic victim.

There’s a lot to chew on in “Antibody,” and most of it is pretty good. Unfortunately, this episode succeeds despite the Silver Surfer, not because of him.