Venom In Animation - A Retrospective

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Spider-Man: Unlimited. My GodÖ. What happened here? With both FOX and Marvel realising it was a really, really stupid idea to cancel their most popular show and Pokemon quickly gaining the ratings over, FOX returned to Marvel to produce an all new Spider-Man cartoon. Only problem was, the characters rights had been optioned by Sony for the upcoming Spider-Man movie and for some confusing reason, a series based on the classic Spider-Man was forbidden. After briefly flirting with the idea of Spider-Man 2099, they decided that sticking Spider-Man on a different idea was a good idea.

Mother of God. Why?

Regardless, the show premiered in October 1999 and was quickly taken off, presumably because most involved in itís creation realised the horror that they had created and the ratings tanked.

Venom and Carnage were featured prominently in the series. For reasons no one bothered to explain, they teamed up and had weird new morphing powers. They went on and on about the synoptic in each of their appearances and to this day, I still donít know what the hell they were talking about. In one especially daft scene, they felt Spider-Man on a rocket. Arenít Venom and Carnage weakened by noise? Iím no Einstein, but Iím pretty sure standing next to a Space Shuttle when itís launching will leave a ringing in your earsÖ

Venom and Carnage would randomly turn up over the course of the episode. Neither had especially memorable casting and both of them had pretty lame designs and terrible characterisation.

Venom is the star of the showís best episode, One Is The Loneliest Number when he is separated from his symbiote. He get a flashback to Venomís first appearance which a pretty warped version of his brilliant origin from The Alien Costume. The best part of the episode is that Spider-Man reunites himself with the symbiote to stop it from dying in order to save Brock.

The show ended on a cliffhanger, with both Venom and Carnage being separated from their symbiotes and the synoptic going ape because of it. We never found out what the synoptic was or why it decided to try and destroy the planet as soon as they were separated from their host, but at this point, I really, really donít care.

Hopefully, given his recent appearance in Spider-Man 3, Venom will make an appearance in The Spectacular Spider-Man because I really, really want to see Spider-Manís black costume animated again. Oh, and Venom would be pretty cool too.