Iceman In Animation - A Retrospective

Part One - Part Two - Part Three

Iceman wouldn’t appear in X-Men: Evolution until season two, he was introduced as a new recruit – basically a little younger than the rest of the mutants at the school who was educated at the Institute rather than Bayville High. This idea was apparently lifted from the movie – the network liked seeing all the kids running through the hall and sitting in class while the grown ups figured out what Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants were planning. Since Iceman was the kid they focused on the most, it only made sense for him to be the would be leader of the new recruits.

Design wise, Bobby is a little too straight laced for a jokester character. Not sure if it’s the side parted hair or the casting, but it doesn’t really fit the character too well. When he ices up, however, it looks incredible. Very good use of shading and colouring made Iceman pop every single time he iced up on screen. Andrew Francis provides freeze faces voice this time round and does a reasonable enough job – he’s not especially noteworthy, but the best casting of the character since Welker back in the day.

Iceman’s role in the first few seasons was the one in the New Recruits who slacked off whenever possible and played pranks whenever possible. Being that the NR are background characters by design there’s not that many standout moments for Bobby. The best one in season two is Joyride in which he continued to act like a juvenile, probably because he figured everyone would blame Lance if something were to go wrong, which of course, everyone did. He got his chance to shine in season three as he was one of the X-Men not kidnapped or hiding out in the sewers and he and a few others were forced to fly to area 51 to save their fallen comrades. His cocky attitude got in the way as he celebrated breaking the compounds security but clumsily dropped the scissors he used to cut wires, revealing his and Kitty’s presence.

With Spyke deciding to leave and join the Morlocks, Iceman was pretty much promoted to full-fledged member. With most of the new recruits leaving because parents were frightened by the anti-mutant hysteria kicking in all over the country (and the cast was getting a little too big) there wasn’t really anything else they could’ve done with the character.

He would get his chance to shine in Under Lock And Key, an episode which unites the original five X-Men as they travel to London to try and stop the resurrection of Apocalypse but ultimately fail. He decides to try and prove his worth to the team but they refuse his help – they don’t have time for people who aren’t willing to take things seriously. If Bobby can’t keep his powers in check for a softball game, why pick him on a mission that could potentially threaten lives? He did manage to hold his own but bigger things were happening here than Bobby – he was still strictly C-list.

Sadly, he did nothing of note before the show was foolishly cancelled at the 52 episode mark (apart from an amusing scene in Target X when he created an ice duplicate of himself because he didn't want to attend Jean and Scott's boring physics class). He did make it into the future montage at the end of Ascension, Part Two so he did get his wish of becoming a full time X-Man. A case of too little, too late? I leave that up to you. I’m perfectly content with enjoying what we did see of Iceman, even if we didn’t get to see a whole lot of him.

He’s been confirmed for a role in the upcoming Wolverine and The X-Men cartoon, but we’ve no idea if he’ll be full fledged member of just a guest star. We can but hope…