Iceman In Animation - A Retrospective

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I’m not usually one to point out the obvious. I keep my mouth shut most of the time, that’s just how I am. Unless I’ve had a few, then I apparently just talk about how ace I am all the time, usually making a fool of myself. Good times. But the fact is obvious – the X-Men universe is bloody huge. As such, the roster was eventually picked and many fan favourites were left out of it and made to appear as guest stars – Banshee, Nightcrawler and Colossus where left out, but appeared a few times throughout the show’s 76 episode run. Curiously, so was Iceman, but he was given just a single appearance in the show, beyond cameos, and even those were few.

Unlike the aforementioned trio, Iceman was actually a former member of the group. Just who was a member of the group is one of the few continuity slip ups (mainly, was Angel a member or not?) but in this show, Bobby just wanted to lead a normal life. He felt whatever he did wasn’t good enough for Cyclops or Xavier and instead just opted to quit rather than put up with them. As such, when Cyclops, Beast and Wolverine find and stop Bobby from breaking an entering a Government compound, they bring him back to the mansion for questioning. While Wolverine admits to Jubilee that he has no idea who the kid is as he joined and left while Logan was presumably working for Alpha Flight, Cyclops shows nothing but contempt for his former team mate – he thinks Bobby is acting like a brat, just like he did when he was with them. Beast simply thinks Bobby is being his free spirited self. It was unusual to see straight-laced Scott so angry and vengeful – these two defiantly had chemistry. If Bobby had stuck around, it might have actually given Scott something to do other than be Jean’s boyfriend.

After Jubilee hears his story and releases him, they return to the Government compound only to find that Bobby’s girlfriend, Lorna wasn’t abducted as he originally suspected – she just felt that she should do something useful with her powers and didn’t think that just pretending they weren’t there was the way forward in her life. So, she accepted Forge’s offer to join X-Factor. So among seeing X-Men introduced into this continuity, we also get X-Factor. I’m not a fan, but they did have a very cool appearance here – it made sense to include them, it wasn’t just a fan wank shoved into the story. As soon as they learn who X-Factor are and what they are doing, they realise fighting is a waste of time, but neither team is clearly impressed with the other. Logan gets the best line of the episode.

“Bunch of rookies”.

Design wise, Iceman is better than most found in X-Men. He gets a little too off model in a few shots but when they got it right, it looked good. This was one of the few episodes not animated by AKOM and it looked worlds better than any of their efforts. It’s not quite as nice as Out Of The Past but it’s pleasant to look at for a change. There’s a few animation errors in there, however. Voice wise. Hmmmm… not as good as TAS’ best, but nowhere near it’s worst. Given how he was a free-spirited character turned bitter, you’d expect them to cast someone who could do either (or preferably both) well. The actor they chose played it down the middle – he doesn’t come across as memorable. Ironically enough, I can’t remember his name either.

Overall, Cold Comfort was a very, very good episode for Iceman. I wish we could’ve seen more of him – I think a cameo at Xavier’s death bed could’ve been a nice touch to Graduation Day. Although, you really shouldn’t complain when someone is featured in an episode that is the quality of this one. By the time the X-Men next came on TV, we’d be seeing a lot more of Iceman.