The Brotherhood of Mutants In Animation - A Retrospective

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Season three of X-Men Evolution began with the Brotherhood and X-Men teaming up, but it wasn't the feel-good alliance of "Survival of the Fittest." The two teams spend most of the time wanting to rip out each other's throats. But both groups lost members and were trying to extricate them from the grips of the government.

Needless to say, any alliance was short-lived.

With the Brotherhood down to a trio (Pietro and Wanda left in the wake of "Day of Reckoning/Recovery"), they officially end any partnership with the X-Men in "Mainstream." The Brotherhood are expelled and they decide to act out.

Even Kitty and Lance don't feign civility as the woefully outnumbered Brotherhood are stopped.

The status quo changed quickly for the Brotherhood in season three. The crew changed leaders three times in four episodes. The season begins with Mystique calling the shots. When she gets arrested, Lance ostensibly takes charge. Then, in "The Stuff of Villains," power shifts again.

The best Brotherhood quote also comes from "Villains."

Gambit: Why are you guys such losers?
Toad: Because the X-Men are winners. It all evens out.

Love it.

In "Villains," the Brotherhood are again manipulated by more powerful mutants--Gambit and, in absentia, Magneto. I have argued that the Brotherhood are most interesting when they are free agents and not lackeys. Consequently, the idea of them as Magneto's boys didn't exactly appeal to me, but the episode did include the return of Pietro... as the team leader.

Now, Lance was never one to accept authority (except arguably from Mystique), so he doesn't much care for the return of his teammate. And that creates some interesting internal tension, but Pietro as a leader was never capitalized on, except in a couple comic scenes.

Then, Toad made a pass for Wanda in "The Toad, the Witch and the Wardrobe," and much silliness ensued. It was easily the highlight of the longstanding Toad/Kurt rivalry that began in the show's first episode.

The Brotherhood once again played a role in the season finale. Rogue managed to sap their power (along with every other character's) so she could free Apocalypse. While they weren't neck-deep in the action, Toad still got one of the better quips.

"I hate this part," he said, as Rogue prepared to grab him.

Before I get to the fourth and ultimate season of Evo, I want to take a moment to talk about Evo Pyro. Pyro is a longtime member of the comics Brotherhood, but he is presented as an Acolyte in Evo.

Pyro is an awkward is an awkward character in television animation, mostly because he can never burn anyone due to ST & P. What do you with a character who can manipulate fire but can't burn anyone? Well, not much.

See you next time, true believers.