The Avengers In Animation - A Retrospective

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Whilst these shows would come and go and are too short lived to have made too much of an impact, they can be considered themselves lucky to get as far as they did. A Captain America series was planned but unfortunately, Marvel simply ran out of money and pulled the plug. For an interesting look at what might have been, check out the Captain America section over at

Fortunately, Captain America was not completely forgotten about in this era of Marvel Animation. He was featured in an episode of X-Men, teaming up with a pre-adamantium Wolverine to tackle The Red Skull in WWII. Whist the design and the voice did feel a little off and the episodes lacks sense from Wolverine’s point of view, it’s too much fun not to like. It’s an old-fashioned superhero team up between Captain America and everyone’s favourite X-Man – what’s not to like?

X-Men wasn’t the only show to guest star Captain America. Spider-Man: The Animated Series, well known for its plethora of guest appearances featured a lengthy story arc focused on the star spangled Avenger and some of the golden age Marvel characters. It takes a while to get to the Cap part, but it’s a pretty decent interpretation. His design isn’t too bad, but one does wonder why that paticular shade of blue was used, it almost looks teal, hardly fitting for Mr. Red, White and Blue. If his voice sounds familiar, you’ll probably know him as Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid video games. Interestingly enough, David Hatner, his voice actor, was one of the writers on X2, and the upcoming Superman Returns feature film. He's also currently trying to bring one of The Avengers - Black Widow, to the big screen.

Unfortunatly for Cap, the story, “Six Forgotten Warriors” is best known for having one of the biggest screw-ups in animation history (first season of Marvel Action Hour aside). In the final chapter, two of the scenes play in the wrong order. Baffling as it may seem, no one noticed it at the time, except the millions of viewers who wondered how it managed to get past as many people as it did without someone noticing it wasn’t right.

John Semper, the show's producer told Marvel Animation Age "And, while I’m thinking about it, the really BIG continuity error in “Six Forgotten Warriors” was not in the script and was solely created in the video editing under the “crack” supervision of Bob Richardson, the animation producer, so you have to go ask him what that stupid gaffe was all about. I was long gone from the premises (having long before turned in the last script) when that goof came about. I saw it on TV with the rest of you and cried out in agony at the idiocy of it all. I do that a lot."

A highly sour note on an otherwise pleasant experience.

Cap wasn’t the only Avenger to guest star on Spidey. Iron Man guest starred on a few occasions, based on the version that appeared in his own cartoon. He’s not the main focus of the episode however, but managed to entertain in his relatively short amount of time. His armour was different from both versions of his old show, but still looked pretty cool. Kudos to bringing in Robert Hayes to voice him, the man is Iron Man, and that’s all there is to it.

Cap and Iron Man would later appear again in Spider-Man as part of his team in Secret Wars. With only three episodes dedicated to a massive story like Secret Wars, one can’t expect wonders from everyone, but both played their parts well.

Shortly after Spider-Man ended, it finally happened. The Avengers were given their own animated show.