New "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" Episodes Returning February 2012 To Nicktoons

February 02, 2012 by James Harvey

New episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures will return to the Nicktoons Network at the end of February 2012. Continue for a new series synopsis and episode logline.

A wave of new Iron Man: Armored Adventures episodes are set to debut come the end of February 2012, according to Nicktoons Network. The network has provided Marvel Animation Age with a new series description and a logline for an upcoming episode of the CGI animated series Iron Man: Armored Adventures slated to air at the end of month. New episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures air Wednesdays at 8:30pm (ET) on Nicktoons Network beginning February 29th, 2011.

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
08:30p-09:00p – #214 – Iron Man: Armored Adventures “Mandarin’s Quest” (PREMIERE)

Description: Mandarin is back and desperately needs Tony’s help to claim the eighth Makluan ring. Tony refuses, but when Mandarin says he can discover the truth about Tony’s father, they join forces!

Nicktons Network has also released the following description promoting the upcoming wave of all-new episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures set to air starting February 29th, 2012.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures is back with more action than you can shake a unibeam at. As the Mandarin continues his quest to find the Makluan Rings, Hammer gains control of Stark International. When he needs his armor more than ever, Tony and his armor become connected as never before. Just when you think we couldn’t possibly fit more adventures in these premieres, Marvel favorites Jean Grey and Magneto come to town. So put on your best suit, shine your jet boots and join us for brand new premieres on a brand new night. It all starts on Wednesday, February 29th at 8:30pm.

New episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures air Wednesdays at 8:30pm (ET) on Nicktoons Network starting February 29th, 2012. The episode will re-air the same night at 11:30pm (ET).

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